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Welcome friends, to the mystical, magical fantasy realm of the first ever weekly multi web site competition featuring: The Web Leagues -- Fairy Musings and Mystical Meadows Join us for a grand adventure and gallop through the hills on a unicorn's back or soar the mountain heights atop Pegasus, the Winged Wonder.

If you listen closely you will hear the mermaids' lonely song while embraced in dreams of far off lands, while fairies' wings are softly fluttering in the wind. It is this place that heroic knights and mythic wizards defend the lands by sword or sorcery from the dragon's fiery rage.

Dreams are self-luminous:
they shine of themselves, as gods do.
Myths are public dreams.
Dreams are private myths.
By finding your own dream and following it through, it will lead you to
the myth world in which you live.
- Joseph Campbell



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